5 Watt Grow Light

5 Dimmable modes: The indoor grow lights adjust to levels of 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% light intensity, you can set different brightness according to your plant's different growth stages. Auto on off timer: These LED plant lights have three timing function modes: 4/8/12 hours, you can set it up once and it will turn on and off automatically every day. USB operated: 5V/1A USB operated, can work with 5V DC output adapter, phone adapter, power bank, USB charger, and outlet with USB port, very easy to use. Sunlike full spectrum widely used: The plant grows lamp is made of 78pcs high intensity, energy saving and long service life LED beads in each lamp head. And this Full spectrum grows light can provide plants with all wavelengths of light, Just like natural sunlight, perfect for winter or rainy season. The ideal for plant factory, basement, flower farming, indoor gardens, water soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, vegetable growth, gardening, family growing /seeding, greenhouse succulents, etc. Switch lighting modes heat dissipation: The indoor led grow light has switch modes, you can press the switch button to choose one, two, three, or four lamps to meet the needs of the plants at different stages. Improved heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the lamp into the atmosphere. Waterproof & adjustable: The growing lamp is waterproof, not afraid of rain, but can not be soaked, waterproof rating is IP65. This led grow light is with a flexible arm which is easy to adjust the light in any direction and allows you to light your plants at 360 degrees, which can enlarge the area of the effective lighting. Nonslip clip: the non-slip clip allows the LED growth lamp to be placed anywhere in your greenhouse, home, indoor garden, office, and so on.


  • Light color: Sunlight
  • Dimmable modes: 5 Levels
  • Timer: 4/8/12 hours
  • Features: Waterproof, heat dissipation clip on USB operated