Leaf Scoops Hand Rakes

These Leaf Scoops Hand Rakes by Pure Garden have bear-like claws designed to help reduce strain while making leaf removal quicker and more fun. The lightweight, durable, one-size-fits-all design allows everyone to help with yard cleanup, no matter their age or size. Use them for picking up leaves and for many other outdoor chores, like gardening, cleaning up after pets, scraping away snow, cleaning out a small pond, and more.


  • These leaf rakes have wrist guards that allow you to collect leaves with less strain than using a traditional rake, plus slots for easy hanging storage.
  • These claw hands make yard work easier, so you can reduce the amount of time spent on raking and leaf pick-up, pet waste cleaning, mulch spreading, and gardening.
  • This leaf rake set is a great gift for gardeners, grandparents, and kids, with their fun claw-like shape making outdoor responsibilities much more enjoyable.
  • Comprised of durable plastic, these garden rakes have ridged, rugged edges that make it easier to grasp leaves and other debris for optimal pick-up in any season.
  • Materials: Plastic