Pet Hanging Beds

1 、 New And One Of A Kind: The hammock design is new and one of a kind, and it is eclectic; can be hung in the air to save space.

2 、 Simple And Comfortable: With a thick sleeping pad, the cat feels very cozy on top; at the same time, the slight vibration of the hammock is more conducive to the sleeping cat.

3 、 Environmental friendly: Made of pure natural material, the hammock will not be irritating to gas or other harmful substances, which is conducive to cat’s health, environmental protection and comfortable and durable.

4 、 Fit style: This hammock’s color can be well go with the family of decoration style without standing out and fit the home style.

5 、 Serve Guarantee: Please feel free to contact us with any problems and we are doing our best to make every customer satisfied.